If you're experiencing issues with discovering WiiM devices on your network using a TP-Link Deco series router, follow these steps to set up IP Address Reservation. This can help ensure stable connectivity for your devices.

Setting Up IP Address Reservation for a WiiM Device

1. Access Advanced Settings:

   - Open the Deco app on your device.

   - Navigate to the 'More' tab.

   - Select 'Advanced'.

2. Initiate Address Reservation:

   - Within the Advanced menu, find and select 'Address Reservation'.

3. Add a New Reservation:

   - Tap the '+' icon located at the top right corner of the Address Reservation screen.

   - Choose 'Select from Client List' to view connected devices.

4. Select and Save:

   - From the list, find and select your WiiM device.

   - Confirm by tapping 'Save' to reserve the IP address for your WiiM device.

By following these steps, your WiiM devices should maintain a consistent connection to your TP-Link Deco router, improving overall network stability.