If you encounter difficulties connecting your WiiM device to a new network after changing the router, a factory reset might be necessary. Here's how to go about it:

1. Factory Reset Process:

   - Press and hold the play/pause button for 10 seconds.

   - Listen for the voice prompt from the external speaker saying "Restore to factory setting" and watch the light flash alternately in red and white. This means your device is resetting.

   - Please note: This factory reset will erase all your source, volume, and network settings for the WiiM device, reverting it to its original factory state.

2. Reconnection Steps:

   - Launch the WiiM Home App on your mobile device.

   - Choose the WiiM device you'd like to set up.

   - Select your desired network and input the correct password.

If you've done all the steps above with no luck, please send us new feedback within the WiiM Home app by navigating to the Settings tab > Feedback.