The WiiM Amp has an RCA subwoofer output, perfect for enhancing your audio experience with deep, resonant bass. Before you start, it's important to note that this output is compatible with powered (active) subwoofers. If you have a passive subwoofer, you'll need an external amplifier. The subwoofer output on the WiiM Amp features an adjustable crossover range from 30-250Hz, with a default setting at 80Hz. This allows you to tailor the bass response to your preference and room acoustics. 

Connect a powered subwoofer to your WiiM Amp:

1. Identify the Subwoofer Output:

   - Locate the 'SUB OUT' port on your WiiM Amp, which is clearly labeled on the back panel.

2. Connect the Subwoofer:

   - With the WiiM Amp and subwoofer powered off, connect one end of an RCA cable to the 'SUB OUT' port on the WiiM Amp.

   - Attach the other end of the RCA cable to the input on your powered subwoofer. If your subwoofer has two RCA inputs, opt for the one marked 'LFE' or 'Mono.'

3. Power Up:

   - Turn on your subwoofer first, then power up the WiiM Amp.

4. Activate Subwoofer Output:

   - Open the WiiM Home app on your mobile device.

   - Navigate to the 'Device' tab, select the Settings Gear Icon, then choose 'Subwoofer' to activate the sub out feature.

5. Adjust Subwoofer Settings:

   - Begin with your subwoofer's volume set to its midpoint.

   - Set the crossover on your subwoofer to its highest frequency since the WiiM Amp will control the crossover frequency.

   - Position the phase control to 0 degrees.

Advanced Settings for Sub Out:

For the best audio experience, the WiiM Amp offers adjustable settings for your subwoofer output with the WiiM Home app:

1. Subwoofer Level:

   - Modify the output level to increase or decrease the bass to your preference.

2. Crossover Frequency:

   - This controls the upper limit of the frequencies your subwoofer will handle. The WiiM Amp allows you to fine-tune this setting to ensure a smooth transition between your subwoofer and the main speakers.

   - For smaller speakers, a higher crossover can enhance the bass. Conversely, larger speakers may require a lower crossover to manage mid-bass frequencies, leaving only the low frequencies for the subwoofer.

3. Phase Adjustment:

   - If the bass seems out of sync with your main speakers, tweak the phase setting. This can help synchronize the sound between your subwoofer and speakers.


Crossover Setting Impact: Setting a crossover frequency would result in the speakers receiving a high passed signal (i.e., from CF freq to 20kHz). 

Subwoofer Output: If you're using a subwoofer with the WiiM Amp, please ensure the subwoofer handles frequencies below the crossover point.

Tips for Optimal Sound:

  • The integration between your subwoofer and main speakers should be seamless, with bass that feels emanating from the speakers themselves, not as a separate entity.
  • Experiment with the settings to find the perfect balance for your specific room and listening preferences. It may require trial and error, so be patient and adjust gradually.
  • Remember to make adjustments while listening to a piece of music or content you're familiar with, as this will help you discern the changes in sound quality more effectively.