Squeezelite provides synchronized multi-room audio, supports high-resolution formats, and offers customization options for optimal sound. Its open-source platform ensures ongoing development and compatibility with various devices. With low latency and integration into home automation systems, Squeezelite delivers a versatile, high-quality audio streaming experience that caters to individual preferences and setups.

Experience enhanced compatibility with the Logitech Media Server (LMS) through the seamless integration of the Squeezelite client into the WiiM Pro, Pro Plus and Amp. This integration eliminates the need for third-party plugins, ensuring a smooth and streamlined connection. 

To begin, please make sure your WiiM Pro/Pro Plus/Amp firmware is version 4.8.526553 or higher.

How to Stream Music from LMS to your WiiM device

1. Setting Up the Logitech Media Server (LMS):

  - Download & Install: If you haven’t done so already, download and install the Logitech Media Server on your computer or NAS device. Make sure it points to your music library location.


  - Access Web Interface: After opening the LMS application, navigate to the 'Advanced' menu and select 'Web Remote Control'.

  - Configure LMS: Through this web interface, verify that your music library is organized and LMS successfully recognizes all your tracks.

2. Streaming Your Music:

  - Select Your Music: Using the LMS Web Interface, browse your music library. Choose the tracks, playlists, or albums you want to hear.

  - Select Playback Device: If you have multiple devices, ensure you pick the right WiiM device player or group.

  - Control Playback: The LMS Web Interface lets you play, pause, adjust volume, or skip tracks. Your selections will stream straight from LMS to your WiiM device.

Helpful Tips:

  • Same Network: Ensure that both your WiiM Pro and the LMS-hosting device are connected to the same network. 
  • Stay Updated: To ensure optimal performance and access new features, it's recommended to regularly update your WiiM device firmware and LMS software.
  • Audio Quality: Achieve pristine audio quality, especially when dealing with high-resolution files, by maintaining a robust and stable network connection.

By following this guide, you're well-prepared to relish a seamless music streaming journey, effortlessly connecting your LMS server to your WiiM device. Enjoy your music!