Enable Chromecast on WiiM Pro

For a visual walkthrough, please watch the video below that walks through how to enable it.

To use the Chromecast audio on the WiiM Pro, please help enable the Chromecast audio with the WiiM Home App. I've included the detailed steps below. 

  1. Enable it when you set up the device with the WiiM Home App.

2. Enable it when you already connect the device to the network. Go to the WiiM Home App > Device tab > Tap the device setting gear icon > Chromecast audio.

Disable Chromecast on WiiM Pro

You need the factory data reset to disable the Chromecast on the WiiM Pro. Please put the device to factory setting by "Pressing and holding" the Play button for 10 seconds until you hear the voice prompt "Restore to factory settings".