Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video service that gives you access to millions of songs and other content from creators all over the world. Spotify and WiiM will allow access to all of your existing Spotify playlists and their entire catalogue in every corner of your home.

Listen on WiiM devices, using the Spotify app as a remote:

  • Open the Spotify app on your phone, laptop or tablet and play a song.
  • Tap the song title or tap `Devices Icon` to see options.
  • Select the WiiM device you want to connect.

Could not find WiiM device on Spotify Connect

  • Restart all your WiiM device. Unplug WiiM Mini and plug it back in. Then make sure that all devices connected to the same network as your smartphone.
  • Make sure Spotify app is up-to-date. It's better to reinstall the app here.
  • Your WiiM device is up-to-date in WiiM Home app.
  • If the above operations don't work, if possible, try switching between different networks and see if that helps.