WiiM Mini, WiiM Pro, and WiiM Pro Plus support two-way Bluetooth communication to allow you to send the output of WiiM device to other BT devices wirelessly via Bluetooth. 

Please check the following steps on how to choose the BT speaker, headphone, or Earpod to connect. The BT devices need to be in the pairing mode:

1. Go to the WiiM Home App and select the Device tab > Audio Output

2. Tap the Connect button on the Bluetooth line.

3. Wait for a moment, and the BT speaker/headphone that is in pairing mode will be displayed as the nearby Bluetooth device.

4. Select the target BT device to connect and use as the WiiM device output.

If you can't see the BT device on the Bluetooth screen, please tap the refresh button in the top right corner to discover again.