You can group the WiiM Mini connected devices with other AirPlay devices such as HomePod, HomePod Mini, Amazon Echo or another WiiM Mini to listen music throughout your house. The WiiM Mini has been pre-calibrated with the HomePod and Echo for the perfect synchronization if it's connected to an audio playback device with zero latency delay (many monitor speakers can achieve this). However, if your speaker/amp needs some time to play out the sound, you need compensate this latency with the auto-sync or manual sync below.


  • Open WiiM Mini App
  • Select device tab
  • Tap the device setting gear icon
  • Tap the "Sync Audio"→"AUTO SYNC"

When performing the auto-sync, please keep the volume to 50% or louder and the distance between the WiiM and your speaker in less than 2 feet.


  • Open WiiM Mini App
  • Select device
  • Click Device Setting
  • Click "Sync Audio"→"MANUAL SYNC"
  • Manually adjust the latency of your speaker's audio

For more details about the manual sync, please check the this tutorial article