There are two methods to reset your device and manage network connections:

1. Resetting the Device:

Manual Reset: Press and hold the play button on your device for 10 seconds. This action will initiate a reset.

Reset via App: Alternatively, you can reset the device using the WiiM HOME App. Go to 'Device Settings', then 'Device Information', and select 'Restore Factory Settings'.

2. Switching Between Ethernet and Wi-Fi:

Automatic Network Switching: When an Ethernet cable is connected to your device, it will automatically prioritize this wired connection, even if a Wi-Fi connection has been set up.

Reverting to Wi-Fi: Once you unplug the Ethernet cable, the device will automatically revert to the previously configured Wi-Fi network.

After resetting the device, you will need to reconnect to other networks using BLE.


Q: I want to change wi fi network (a repeater that is near the wiim) , but I don't want to reset the device, is it possible?

A: Both should be on the same network to ensure seamless discovery and interaction between your mobile phone and WiiM device. Based on your description, we recommend the steps below:

1. Initial Connection: Make sure your mobile phone is connected to the desired network you plan for your WiiM device.

2. Reset WiiM Network:

   - Press and hold the Play/Press button on your WiiM device for 3 seconds.

   - Wait for the indicator light on your WiiM device to blink white slowly.

3. Assign New Network: Open the WiiM Home app and set up the network for your WiiM device.

Please note: Do not hold the Play/Press button for over 10 seconds. Doing so will reset your device to factory settings, erasing all stored information.