Before playing TIDAL Master with WiiM Pro via Roon, you must ensure your TIDAL account has been connected to Roon. With an MQA-enabled DAC, you can get full MQA capability with WiiM Pro via Roon by following these steps:

1. Connect your MQA-capable DAC to your WiiM Pro.

2. Connect your WiiM Pro to the same network as your computer.

3. Open the Roon software and select the Settings tab.

4. Select the Audio tab, and enable your WiiM Pro.

5. Click the little gear icon to access the settings for your WiiM Pro. Roon will automatically select preferred settings according to the DAC you have connected to WiiM Pro.

6. Choose the responding MQA capabilities for your DAC.

7. Choose your WiiM Pro using Roon's Zone Selector, and now you can play TIDAL Master with WiiM Pro via Roon control.

8. To ensure the proper functioning of your MQA-enabled DAC, please verify that the following settings on your WiiM Pro have been adjusted in the WiiM Home App:

a. Navigate to the Device tab and click the Device Settings gear icon. Then, turn off the EQ option;

b. In the same menu, select Audio Settings and turn off Mono audio;

c. Finally, turn on the fixed volume output option located in the Audio Settings menu.