Stream Music Across WiiM Devices with AirPlay

Discover the joy of multi-room audio streaming using AirPlay on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Effortlessly play your favorite tunes, movies, podcasts, and more through your array of WiiM devices, creating an immersive sound experience in every corner of your home.

How to Set Up Multi-Room Audio from Your iPhone or iPad:

1. Choose Your Soundtrack: Start by selecting your preferred music from the Music app or any other music streaming service of your choice.

2. Access Control Center: On your iPhone or iPad, swipe to open the Control Center.

3. Music Control Panel: Long press on the Music Control panel within the Control Center.

4. Connect with AirPlay: Tap the AirPlay icon and pick from the list of available AirPlay speakers.

5. Expand Your Sound: Select multiple AirPlay speakers to activate multi-room playback.

Experience Seamless Control:

As the music flows from room to room, feel free to individually adjust the volume of each speaker, or synchronize them for a uniform audio level throughout your space. Your AirPlay and WiiM setup not only fills your home with quality sound but also puts complete control right at your fingertips. Enjoy your audio, your way.