Technicolor routers have a known issue that prevents them from working with WiiM device. The solution below will ensure that they will work with WiiM.

Solution 1: 

  • Log into the router.
  • Navigate to Advanced Setup > DHCP Reservation.
  • Locate DHCP Reservation State.
  • Remove existing DHCP Reservations.
  • Set DHCP Reservation State to Disable.
  • Reboot all Sonos products.

Solution 2:


Turn off WiFi 6 support on your Technicolor router. 

  • Login to the router, then in the 2.4 GHz band -- change Mode from 802.11g/n/ax to 802.11g/n.  
  • By removing the "ax" you make the router go from Wifi 6 to Wifi 5 support.