You can save your favorite Spotify playlists or podcasts as presets for instant streaming. 

How to save a Spotify playlist as a Preset?

You can preset your Spotify playlist (no matter yours or Spotify created) with the following steps:
1. Play your playlist in Spotify App.
2. Stream it to WiiM Mini or Pro via Spotify Connect by selecting it from the available device in the Spotify player. 
3. Open the WiiM Home App > Tap on the Miniplay bar and go to "Now Playing UI" > Tap the three dots button (...) below the track progress bar on the right > Tap the "Preset" button and save it as one of 12 presets.

How to play preset?

1. You can play preset from the WiiM Home App by selecting Browse tab > Preset. 

2. You can play preset on the WiiM Pro by tapping the "Music" button on the front of the device. Keeping tapping, it will cycle through all the existing presets.

3. You can play preset on the WiiM device with an extra WiiM voice remote.