You can save your favorite Spotify playlists or podcasts as presets for instant streaming. 

How to Save a Playlist as a Preset:

1. In Spotify App: Play your playlist.

2. Stream to WiiM Device: Use Spotify Connect to stream to your WiiM Mini or Pro.

3. Save as Preset in WiiM Home App:

  • Open WiiM Home App and tap the Miniplay bar.
  • Navigate to "Now Playing UI".
  • Below the track progress bar, tap the three dots (...) on the right.
  • Select "Preset" and save to one of the 12 preset slots.

How to Play a Preset:

Option 1: From WiiM Home App: Go to the 'Browse' tab and select 'Preset'.

Option 2: On WiiM Pro: Press the "Music" button on the front. Keep tapping to cycle through presets.

Option 3: Via WiiM Voice Remote: Access the first 4 presets directly from the remote.

For a more detailed guide and visual walkthrough, please watch this instructional video. It provides additional insights and tips to enhance your setup experience.