Please follow these methods to help you connect your WiiM device to your Wi-Fi network.

Once you do that, please check the color of the LED indicator on the top of the device. If the LED is solid white, your device is connected to the router. Also please make sure the Wi-Fi network of your smartphone is the same as your device.

Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues with WiiM Devices:

1. Initial Checks:

   - Power Status: Confirm your WiiM device is turned on.

   - Wi-Fi Connection: Ensure your phone or tablet is linked to the intended Wi-Fi network.

   - App Restart: Close and reopen the WiiM Home app.

2. Mobile Device Network Reset:

   - If you notice erratic Wi-Fi behavior, consider resetting your device's network settings. 

      Warning: This will erase all saved Wi-Fi credentials, VPN configurations, and related network preferences.

3. Router Configuration:

   - Restart: Power off your router for about a minute before restarting.

   - UPnP: WiiM devices rely on UPnP. Ensure this feature is enabled on your router.

   - Potential Blocks: Review your router for firewall settings or parental controls that might restrict the WiiM device.

4. Connect to the 5G network:

    - For optimal performance, we recommend connecting your WiiM device to the 5G network. This ensures a stable Wi-Fi connection, facilitates easier device discovery, and provides smoother playback.

5. Determine WiiM IP Address:

   - Router's Device List: Many routers display a list of connected gadgets. Look for your WiiM device's IP address there.

   - Ping Test: If you locate the IP address, use a computer to ping it, verifying its responsiveness.

6. Wired Connection (excluding WiiM Mini):

   - For a direct connection, link your WiiM device to your router with an Ethernet cable. This transitions the system to a 'wired' setup, often simplifying reconnection.

7. Assign a Static IP:

   - To avert IP conflicts that can obscure your device, set a static IP address for your WiiM via your router's configurations.

8. Reach Out to WiiM Support:

   - If you've tried the above without success, please go to App Settings -> Feedback in the WiiM Home app to send us feedback; we will check it immediately after receiving it.

Final Thoughts: Networks are intricate, with numerous variables affecting connectivity. A seemingly minor router or switch setting might be causing issues. Regularly updating software on all associated devices can address and prevent known complications.