Maximize your WiiM Amp's potential by integrating it with your Apple TV. There are two ways to connect your WiiM Amp to Apple TV. Follow these straightforward steps below for a seamless setup:

Method 1 (Wired): Connect via the TV's HDMI ARC/eARC or optical-out port

1. WiiM Amp Preparation: Ensure your WiiM Amp is ready and properly set up. For setup assistance, consult our detailed setup guide.

2. HDMI ARC/eARC Connection: Use an HDMI cable to connect your WiiM Amp to your TV's HDMI ARC/eARC port. Then, configure your TV settings to select the WiiM Amp as the primary audio output. This adjustment channels all audio from your Apple TV directly through the WiiM Amp.

Important Note: The HDMI input on the WiiM Amp is only compatible with PCM format. To ensure the best audio experience, go to your Apple TV’s 'Video and Audio' settings, select 'Audio Format', and select 'PCM' or 'Stereo PCM'. The 'Auto' or ‘Dolby Audio' modes are not supported. 

Method 2 (Wireless): Connect to your Apple TV wirelessly

You can send audio from Apple TV to the WiiM Amp wirelessly if they are connected to the same network in your home through the Apple AirPlay. The steps are as follows:

1. Before you start, assign a room to your Apple TV. WiiM Amp must be connected to the same network as your Apple TV 4K using the Home app on an iOS, iPadOS, or macOS (Catalina or later) device.

2. Open Settings on Apple TV 4K.

3. Go to Video and Audio > Audio Output, then select the WiiM Amp.