Updated on Feb. 10th., 2024


What we're working on …

We want to give you visibility into some of the features we are working on. Our official release notes have the complete list of released features. If you want to make a feature or product request, please post it on our WiiM Forum or send us a feedback ticket with the WiiM Home App.

Please note: The dates and features listed below may change or be removed at any time without prior notice. Consequently, purchases should not be based on what is listed on the roadmap.

Upcoming Features

  • Per-Source EQ: Allows you to set independent EQ for each source input
  • USB Audio Output
  • Fixed resolution output with the high fidelity ASRC

  • DLNA Cast: Cast to other 3rd DLNA devices (Similar to AirPlay Cast but offering lossless audio)

  • Enhanced Pandora Service

  • Roon Ready

Features We're Actively Working on:

  • 8-band PEQ

  • Room Correction

  • Persistent group for multiple devices

  • Smart Buttons: Allow to customize the four preset buttons on the remote

  • Support landscape mode on the Android Tablets

  • Support App Widgets on iOS and Android

  • Separate Favorites Tab - The user's favorite tracks, playlists, stations, podcasts, and recently played are listed in the favorites tab.
  • Support SMB for music sharing and streaming
  • Native Plex integration
  • Enhanced 'Play Queue' Management
  • KKBox integration
  • Enhanced Internet Radio
  • Maintain context when switching source input
  • Qobuz Connect

Features We're Thinking About In Future Updates

  • Multiroom of hi-res audio
  • New music services include YouTube Music, Idagio, SiriusXM, Nugs.net, RadioParadise, etc.
  • Play music from personal cloud storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, etc.)
  • Users can select the streaming quality in the "Now Play" app UI
  • Improved NAS and DLNA DMS features