Here is an updated list of identified issues impacting the WiiM Amp's hardware, firmware, and application. Please be assured that our team diligently addresses these concerns and will deploy solutions as soon as possible. For certain issues, we have identified temporary remedies, detailed below for your convenience. We would like to encourage you to use these interim solutions. Your patience is greatly valued, and we commit to regularly updating this list with fresh fixes as they are developed and implemented.



Estimated Fix Date

In standby mode, a faint humming noise is audible.Your device appears to be faulty. Please return the device and place a new order. The new unit will not have this issue.

If you purchased the WiiM Amp from our Amazon store, please submit a return and order a new unit. 

If you purchased the WiiM Amp outside of Amazon, please work with the dealer directly for a replacement device. They will let you know how to dispose of the faulty unit.
None - Return and order a new device.
Difficulty connecting WiiM Amp to some Samsung TVs via HDMI ARC.Please use an optical cable to connect your TV to the WiiM Amp. 

To enhance this setup, go to the WiiM App, select the 'Device' tab, then the settings gear icon, and enable 'Auto-sensing of Optical In.'

Amp freezes during USB Disk scan.

Please safely remove the USB Disk from the amp and restart the device to resolve the immediate freezing issue.

Please read our detailed article for further guidance on effectively using a USB Disk with your WiiM Amp.

Auto-sensing failure for optical input with concurrent HDMI connection.
We have identified a limitation in the WiiM Amp where auto-sensing for the Optical In does not function when both HDMI and Optical input cables are connected to the amp. The WiiM Amp is currently designed to prioritize auto-sensing for HDMI inputs in such scenarios.