The world of audio equipment is constantly evolving, with enthusiasts always looking for the best sound experience. In this regard, the WiiM Amp has emerged as a popular choice for many. However, a common query we encounter is about its connectivity with turntables, particularly regarding the absence of a built-in phono input. This article aims to shed light on how you can seamlessly integrate your turntable with the WiiM Amp for an enriched audio experience.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the specifics, it's essential to understand some basic concepts. Turntables traditionally output an audio signal at a phono level. This is a low and quiet signal measured in millivolts. The WiiM Amp, like many modern audio devices, accepts inputs at a line level – a louder signal rated in volts. This mismatch in signal levels is where a phono preamp becomes crucial.

The Role of a Phono Preamp

A phono preamp acts as a bridge between your turntable and the WiiM Amp. Its primary function is to convert the phono-level output from the turntable to a line-level signal. This conversion ensures that the signal being fed into the WiiM Amp is optimal for it to process and amplify.

Connecting Your Turntable to the WiiM Amp

If your turntable comes with a built-in phono preamp, connecting it to the WiiM Amp is straightforward. Simply use the RCA port on the WiiM Amp for this purpose. If your turntable doesn’t have a built-in preamp, you’ll need an external phono preamp. Connect your turntable to the phono preamp, and then link the preamp to the WiiM Amp's RCA port.


While the WiiM Amp does not come with a built-in phono input, its compatibility with turntables is not hindered. By understanding the role of a phono preamp and the nature of audio signals, you can create a setup that brings out the best in your vinyl collection. As always, the specifics may vary based on the capabilities of your individual equipment, but the joy of crafting the perfect audio system is in fine-tuning these details to suit your personal preference.

Future Possibilities

At WiiM, we always listen to our customers' feedback. The idea of integrating a built-in phono input in future models of the WiiM devices is something we are actively considering as we strive to make our products even more versatile and user-friendly.


Below are some examples of use cases:

Phono Output and Preamp Use:

It's important to note that turntables typically produce a very low analog audio signal through their phono output. We recommend using a phono preamp to amplify this signal for an optimal audio experience. Simply connect your turntable to the preamp, and then use an analog cable to link the preamp to your WiiM Pro/WiiM Pro Plus. This setup will significantly enhance the sound quality.

Use Case: Turnable Phono Out -> Preamp Phono In -> Preamp Line Out -> WiiM Pro/WiiM Pro Plus Line In

Direct Streaming with Line-Out:

You have an additional option if your turntable has both line-out and phono outputs. You can activate the line-out feature on your turntable and directly connect it to your WiiM Pro /WiiM Pro Plus using an analog cable. This bypasses the need for a preamp while still providing a rich audio experience.

Use Case: Turnable Line Out -> WiiM Pro/WiiM Pro Plus Line In