Transform your living space into an immersive concert hall by connecting a USB stick to your WiiM Amp. To achieve the best performance and ensure compatibility, it's crucial to know which USB disk types and power specifications are supported by the WiiM Amp.

1. Supported USB Stick File Formats for the WiiM Amp:

  • VFAT
  • NTFS
  • EXT4

Using these file formats guarantees smooth operation and integration with your WiiM Amp.

2. Understanding USB Port Power Specifications on the WiiM Amp:

  • Voltage Range: 4.85V to 5.25V
  • Current Capacity: 650mA

The operational power of the USB port on the WiiM Amp ranges from 3.15 watts to 3.4 watts, typically accommodating most standard USB disks. However, it's essential to consider the power requirements of different storage devices for optimal compatibility:

  • Standard USB Disks: These usually align with the WiiM Amp's USB power specs, allowing for straightforward and efficient use.
  • External Hard Disk Drives (HDDs): HDDs often demand more power, around 6 to 15 watts. You'll need an additional external power source to use an external HDD with your WiiM Amp to ensure proper functionality. 

Following these power guidelines, you can expand your audio experience with the WiiM Amp and enjoy diverse music and audio content. At the same time, you are confident that your USB disk is compatible and operating effectively.