The WiiM Pro Plus is equipped with the latest generation AKM 4493SEQ premium DAC, renowned for its exceptionally low distortion and wide dynamic range, a result of AKM’s advanced Velvet Sound Technology. This DAC supports high-resolution audio sources up to 768 kHz PCM, making it ideal for audiophiles. It achieves an impressive 120 dB (A-wt) SNR and a THD+N of just 0.00032% (-110 dB) across a range from 44.1k to 192k.

Understanding the Six Digital Filters of AKM 4493SEQ DAC:

Each digital filter in the AKM 4493SEQ DAC uniquely shapes the sound quality. Here's a brief overview:

1. Sharp Roll-off Filter:

   - Key Feature: Steep roll-off, attenuating frequencies just outside the desired range.

   - Benefit: Reduces aliasing effectively but may introduce ringing artifacts.

   - Ideal For: Those seeking precise signal reproduction, especially in complex tracks.

2. Slow Roll-off Filter:

   - Key Feature: Gradual roll-off slope.

   - Benefit: Less ringing and phase distortion, offering a natural sound; slightly less effective against aliasing.

   - Ideal For: Listeners who prefer a smoother, more natural audio quality.

3. Short Delay Sharp Roll-Off Filter:

   - Key Feature: Sharp roll-off with reduced signal delay.

   - Benefit: Limits pre-ringing while maintaining clear frequency attenuation.

   - Ideal For: Those sensitive to timing and phase but desiring clear audio reproduction.

4. Short Delay Slow Roll-off Filter:

   - Key Feature: Slow roll-off with minimized delay.

   - Benefit: Natural sound with less phase distortion and reduced pre-ringing.

   - Ideal For: Listeners valuing natural sound and phase coherence.

5. Super Slow Roll-off Filter:

   - Key Feature: Even gentler roll-off slope.

   - Benefit: Minimizes phase shift and ringing, ensuring smooth sound.

   - Ideal For: Audiophiles who favor a very smooth, natural listening experience.

6. Low Dispersion Short Delay Filter:

   - Key Feature: Balances time dispersion and roll-off sharpness.

   - Benefit: Reduces both pre- and post-ringing for a balanced sound.

   - Ideal For: Those seeking a balanced sound with minimal phase distortion.

How Do These Filters Affect Your Listening Experience?

The choice of filter can significantly influence your listening experience, affecting the accuracy of frequency reproduction, phase distortion, and control of ringing artifacts. The extent to which these differences are noticeable can vary based on the recording quality, your audio system, and personal auditory preferences.