Using a public link is one of the methods that developers can employ to distribute beta versions of their apps through TestFlight without needing individual email addresses. If a developer provides you with a public TestFlight link, follow these steps to install the beta app:

1. Prerequisites:

   - Ensure you have an iOS or iPadOS device running a supported version of the operating system.

   - Install the TestFlight app from the Apple App Store on the device you want to use for testing.

2. Use the Public Link:

   - Simply tap on the public TestFlight link provided by the developer. It might be shared on their website, social media, email newsletter, etc.

   - This link will open either in a web browser or directly in the TestFlight app.

3. Open with TestFlight:

   - If the link opens in a browser, there should be a prompt or button to “Start Testing” Tap on it.

   - If asked, confirm that you want to open the link with the TestFlight app.

4. Install the Beta App:

   - Once inside the TestFlight app, you'll see an overview of the beta app, including its name, developer, and description.

   - Tap the “Install” button to begin downloading and installing the beta version of the app on your device.

5. Testing and Providing Feedback:

   - Use the app as you normally would. Remember that this is a beta version, so you might encounter bugs or issues.

   - Within TestFlight, there's usually an option to send feedback directly to the developer. This is essential for them to understand and fix potential problems before the official release.

6. Updates & Expiration:

   - Beta builds in TestFlight typically have a 90-day expiration. You'll need to update the app if the developer releases newer builds within this period.

   - You can check for updates directly within the TestFlight app.

7. Transitioning to the Official Release:

   - Once the app is officially released in the App Store, it's a good idea to download the final version from there. This ensures you get the most stable release and future updates.

8. Important Note for Beta Testers:

   - If you have previously participated in the WiiM Home App Beta, navigate to TestFlight, select 'Apps,' choose the relevant beta app, and click on Stop Testing to exit the older beta group. After this, proceed to install the latest version of the beta app.

Using a public TestFlight link simplifies the process for both developers and testers, allowing for a wider distribution and more feedback. Always remember, though, beta apps might have unresolved issues, so take precautions like backing up your data when using them.