We're working on a few improvements on Qobuz integration on the WiiM Home App. 

Qobuz integration on the WiiM Home App allows users to stream Hi-Res audio up to 192 kHz/24 bit from Qobuz as long as their Qobuz subscription has it. However, users need to make sure the Qobuz streaming quality is set to the right resolution on the WiiM Home app, otherwise, they may not get the full benefit of Hi-Res audio. Additionally, users may not be able to access all the features of Qobuz, such as offline mode, etc., through the WiiM Home app. 

Here are some improvements we're working on that will be released in June.

1. New App UI for better browsing and searching experience

2. My favorite

  • Add search and sort functions to Albums and Artists. 
  • Add a search function to Tracks.

 3. Artist

  •  Add sort function to Qobuz → Artists → Discography → More by two criteria: 1. Release Date 2. Popularity.