The WiiM Pro and WiiM Pro Plus come equipped with a 12V trigger output, rated at 220 mA, which can be connected to an amplifier with a 12V trigger input. This connection brings the amplifier out of standby mode when music starts playing, reducing the time it takes for the amplifier to become active and output audio to your speakers.

When music starts to play, the WiiM Pro or WiiM Pro Plus raises the voltage on the 12V trigger rail. Conversely, when the device enters standby mode, it lowers the trigger's voltage. You can adjust the standby mode duration to control when the trigger's voltage is lowered. Note that the response of the connected amplifier may vary depending on the manufacturer's design, as some amplifiers may have their own timeout settings.

External DACs or amplifiers can use the 12V trigger to detect when music starts or stops. For specific details on your device's trigger input, please refer to the device manual.

Important Note

To ensure the 12V trigger operates correctly with Line-in/SPDIF-in inputs, follow these steps to enable auto-sensing:

1. Open the Device Tab: Navigate to the Device tab on your WiiM app.

2. Access Device Settings: Tap the settings gear icon next to your device.

3. Select Audio Input: Go to Audio Input settings.

4. Enable Auto-Sensing: Turn on the Auto-sensing feature.

This setting allows the WiiM Pro or WiiM Pro Plus to detect signals from the Line-in/SPDIF-in input source, automatically raising and lowering the trigger's voltage on the 12V trigger rail as needed.