We are making it easier to user your WiiM Mini and Pro with voice capabilities that range from controlling your WiiM device, to starting playback of music or radio on various music services*. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the types of voice commands you can use to interact with your WiiM remote.

* To use voice with your music service, please link the music services with your account on your Amazon Alexa App. 

How to issue a push-to-talk voice command

The WiiM voice remote let you use push-to-talk voice commands, i.e., press and hold the voice buttonand say your command in a conversational tone at normal volume. After you release the button, your WiiM device will carry out your request, fulfilling your request if the voice command is supported by Alexa.

Supported Music Services via voice control

The following music services supported by Alexa are supported by WiiM voice remote on the WiiM Mini and WiiM Pro. 

  • Spotify
  • Amazon Music (HD/UHD)
  • Deezer
  • TuneIn
  • Pandora
  • iHeartRadio
  • SiriusXM
  • Audible

*Apple Music and Apple podcast hasn't been supported yet.

How to control playback with a voice command

After you begin playing audio content on Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, or TuneIn, you can issue a voice command to your Roku voice remote similar to those below.

Playback commands


"Shuffle off"

"Thumbs up/down"


"Start over"






"Fast forward 30 seconds"

"Rewind 15 minutes"

"Volume up"

"Volume down"


"Set volume to 50%"

"Set volume to 5"

Search for content commands


 “Play daily lift on Spotify”

 "Play my soundtrack on Amazon Music"

 "Play Adele on Pandora"

 "Play Taylor Swift's latest album on TIDAL"

 "Play smooth jazz on Tune In"

 The following commands will be available with the firmware update in the next couple weeks. 

Change device input

"Switch input to Aux 1"

"Switch input to Line 1"

"Switch input to Optical 1"

You can also name the Aux in, Line in or Optical in with the friendly names and use these in the above utterances. 

Set EQ modes (not all of them)

"Set mode to Movie" (other valid values are - "Music", "Night", "Sport", "TV")

Use Presets (i.e., 1~12)

"Open preset one"