Here's our WiiM Home App User Guide that defines each page and functions in the app.



Control your content and devices from one app


Download the WiiM Home app on your mobile device. 



Use this app to set up and control your audio system. The beta version is also available for Windows and Mac OS


Things you can do:

  • Play music from your phone, streaming services, NAS, or other connected storage.
  • Control all your favorite music and voice services in one place. 
  • Customize your audio playback - adjust the EQ, set sleep timer, set music alarm etc.
  • Find content – Search and save your favorite content through WiiM’s universal search that will browse through all the music services and stations you're logged into.
  • Play music everywhere - group devices together for multi-room music or different music in each speaker.
  • Submit feedback and get support from our dedicated support agents.




App Pages: Controls & Buttons


Overview of all the pages and functions in the WiiM Home app.






Find the music and content you want to stream to your WiiM’s device.


Preset Content - Save your favorite radio stations, podcasts, and playlist so you can access these with one tap.


My Library

  1. Favorites - Access your favorite songs
  2. My Music - Access music located on your mobile device or tablet
  3. Recently Played - List of all the music and content recently played
  4. Home Music Server - Access your home music server (DLNA based media server)





Browse the integrated music services below and manage which services you want to see on this screen by tapping the "Manage" button.


  1. Amazon Alexa
  2. Amazon Music
  3. Calm Radio
  4. Deezer
  5. Napster
  6. Open Network Stream
  7. Pandora
  8. Qobuz
  9. Radio Paradise
  10. SoundCloud
  11. SoundMachine
  12. Spotify
  13. Tidal
  14. TuneIn
  15. iHeartRadio
  16. vTuner
  17. QQMusic
  18. Roon Ready (Not listed in the picture)






Display the active source mode or select the source on WiiM device to stream content.


  1. Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Line in (aka Aux-in)
  4. SPDIF in


You can set the auto-detection for the Line-in and SPDIF input, so you don’t need to switch to these modes manually. Wi-Fi/Ethernet or Bluetooth mode will enter automatically when you play the content via these connections. You don’t need to switch to this mode manually.

















View the music or audio you're playing through the app on the Now Playing page.


1. Audio source (music service, local library, home music server)

  • Album art
  • Duration of song
  • Audio resolution - displays CD, HD quality and kbps, bit rate, kHz

2. More button

  1. Add to favorites - add songs to Favorite list under Browse > Favorites
  2. Add to playlist
  3. View Artist
  4. View Album
  5. Preset - set the song as a preset in the app view under Browse > Preset
  6. Alarm - set the song as an alarm 
  7. Sleep Timer - stops the audio at the specified time
  8. EQ - adjust the song to desired EQ setting

3. Audio resolution - displays CD, HD quality and bit rate, sample rate and bit depth

4. Title of song

5. Artist name, Album name

6. Favorite button

  • Songs added to Favorites show up under Browse > Favorites

7. Shuffle button

  • Back track button

8. Play button

  • Forward track button

9. Continuous play button

10. Volume control button

11. Name of active device

12. Output audio port

  • Queue
  1. Shows the current queue from album, podcast, etc.






See all your devices and control volume and grouping. 


  1. Device name - Customize or use preset device name
  2. Volume control - Control volume for speakers connected to WiiM
  3. Group devices together (see more below in 2A)
  4. Device Settings (see more below in 2B)
  5. Setup another WiiM device with your WiiM Home app
  6. Play All - Play all the devices on the Devices page
  7. Mini navigation bar - Displays the active device and song/station played







Group Devices Together


You can group and play synchronized music if multiple WiiM devices are connected to your audio setup.


  1. Tap the "grouping" icon
  2. Tap the devices you want to group together
  3. Control the devices as a group on the Devices page

a. Control group volume

  1. Control individual volumes of each WiiM device
  2. Control the Left or Right sound from each device tap the "L" "R" or "LR" icon for each WiiM Device
  1. To ungroup the devices, tap the "grouping" icon on the upper left





Device Settings




1. Rename - Rename the device

2. Info - Device Info

  • SSID
  • Speaker Name 
  • Firmware version - Device software version of your WiiM device
  • Build date - The specific build date for the device software
  • MAC address - MAC address of your device
  • UUID - Your device's Unique ID
  • Audio prompt language - Set to preferred language in audio prompts
  • Restore factory settings - Resets device to factory settings

3. Alarm clock - Set an alarm to play music at a specific time

4. Preset content - Preset your favorite content (up to 12)

5. Network status - Network information, how to set 5 GHz only mode, set preferred DNS server, enable IPv6

6. Standby mode - set standby mode in 30s to 1 min increments to Never




1. EQ - Set custom settings on 10 band EQ or preset EQ settings by music genre 

2. Audio settings

  • Fixed volume output - Select to fix the volume at 100 on WiiM, so you can control the volume on your preferred device or music streaming app
  • Line out level - Select the preferred Vrms for your speaker or headphone
  • SPDIF Output resolution - Select your preferred maximal optical output resolution (Sample rate & Bit Depth) to match your connected DAC, stereo receiver, or amplifier
  • Coax Output Resolution- Select your preferred maximal coax output resolution (Sample rate & Bit Depth) to match your connected DAC, stereo receiver, or amplifier
  • MQA Core Decoder Beta - Select to unfold MQA file or select the MQA capability of external DAC
  • Mono Audio - make the left and right speakers play the same audio (i.e., for outdoor speaker)

3. Audio output - Set the audio output interface

4. Audio input - Set the audio input source

5. Audio sensing of Line in or SPDIF in mode - only detects when the device is idle

6. Sync audio - Auto or manually to calculate the playback latency from your DAC, amplifier, and speakers for the multiroom audio use




  1. Amazon Alexa Settings - Set language preference and Amazon Music HD/UHD settings.
  2. Chromecast Audio (only available on WiiM Pro) - Enable Chromecast audio on WiiM device




  1. Status light - Turn on or off the status light
  2. Touch controls - Turn on or off the touch controls on the device
  3. Override volume buttons - Turn off or on the volume button on the device
  4. Reboot - Reboots the device instead of physically powering it off and then on the device to restart the device







Search and save your favorite content through WiiM’s universal search that will browse through all the music services and stations you're logged into. You can search by the following.


  • Artists
  • Songs
  • Albums
  • Playlists
  • Stations
  • Shows




























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Learn more about your WiiM device and get answers to your questions.


  1. App Version - The app version of your WiiM home app
  2. FAQ - Find answers to frequently asked questions at our WiiM Help Center
  3. Feedback - Send feedback and issues about your device and experience to our ticketing system.
  4. User Manual - Read the manuals for our WiiM devices
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