Currently, 24 preset EQ settings have been supported. How do you choose the right one to fit your listening taste? We come up with the following table to help you understand the difference between each setting. You can also check the detailed adjustment in the 10-band slider for each preset. 

Some terminologies used below that correspond to the frequency range respectively:

Bass overall: 20 ~ 250 Hz

Sub-bass: 20 ~ 60 Hz

Bass: 60 Hz ~ 250 Hz

Midrange overall: 250 Hz ~ 4K Hz

Low midrange: 250 Hz ~ 500 Hz

Midrange: 500 Hz ~ 2K Hz

High midrange: 2K Hz ~ 4K Hz

Highs overall: 4K Hz ~ 20K Hz

Presence: 4K Hz ~ 6k Hz

Brilliance: 6K Hz to 20K Hz

EQ SettingDescription
OffNo EQ at all, put EQ into off if you want the bit-perfect output
FlatFlat EQ doesn't tune any frequency band but there's mathe calculation that may introduce quantization error so you can't achieve the bit-perfect output.
AcousticPump the bass, mid-ranges, and highs slightly to keep the instruments and vocals as clear as possible, without going overboard or sounding unnatural. It is the best equalizer setting for acoustic music.
Bass BoosterPump the bass (32~500 Hz)
Bass ReducerLower the bass (32~500 Hz)
ClassicalMost instruments for these genres are pianos, acoustic guitars, violins, and full orchestras. Boost all the frequencies slightly to keep the lows, mid-ranges, and highs at an almost equal volume without affecting the clarity.
DanceThis preset significantly reduces the brilliance while boosting the bass. Most songs will have deeper bass with this preset – but you’ll likely lose a lot of the treble frequencies like female vocals and string instruments.
DeepDeep sounds similar to the ‘dance’ preset, but it significantly lowers the treble. If you’re listening to songs with punchy bass, this preset will probably shake your eardrums.
ElectronicThe bass is super important, and vocals are not a primary focus.
Hip-HopThis preset prioritizes the sub-bass and bass since most hip-hop songs rely heavily on beats and rhymes.
JazzThe three main sounds of this preset are the sub-bass, midrange, and brilliance. Both instruments and vocals are slightly clearer with this EQ.
LatinIt sounds very bright with the brilliance turned all the way up. Female vocals and string instruments are way louder with this preset.
LoudnessBoosts certain frequencies, including bass and high, during low listening volumes. This is designed to compensate for normal changes in the ear’s sensitivity when listening to audio at low volumes.
LoungeThis preset is made for relaxing and chill songs – the midrange frequencies are more visible than the lows and treble. Excellent for playing vocal-heavy songs.
PianoIt is dedicated to piano music.
PopThis preset prioritizes the mids and slightly reduces the lows and highs. You can expect the general vocal sound to stand out from other frequencies.
R&BIf you listen to a lot of songs with punchy bass and female vocalist, this one is for you.
RockBass, upper mid-range, and brilliance are turned up. You can expect the sound to become noticeably brighter since most rock songs are heavy on the guitar riffs.
Small SpeakersUsed for small speakers lacking the bass while the treble is tuned up too much
Spoken WordBoost the frequencies of the human voice (around 250~4k Hz), and lower the bass, making the dialog easier to hear. Good for TV news or podcast audio. 
Treble BoosterBoost the treble (1K ~ 20K)
Treble ReducerLower the treble (1K ~ 20K)
Vocal BoosterBoost the vocal (250 Hz ~ 4K Hz)