The following is the list of known issues in the WiiM Pro's firmware and App.

For these known issues, we're working around the clock to fix and will release a solution ASAP. There are workarounds for some of these issues so we list these below. Please use the workaround for the time being. Thanks for your patience. We will update the list below when we have new fixes.

Issues as of 1/25/2023
Estimated Fix Date
No soundIncorrect audio output setting is used. By default, "Line Out" analog audio is used. If you're using SPDIF or Coaxial,  please go to the WiiM Home App, select the Device tab > Tap the device setting gear icon > Audio output to choose the one you connect your cable to.  No fix is needed
SPDIF input distortion
It seems to happen with some Samsung, LG TVs and we're still working on it.
2 / 15 / 2023
Using Chromecast source with the LinkPlay multiroom,  no sound from the slave speakers. Use Google home to group the WiiM Pro multiroom audio if using Chromecast audio as the audio source
Q1 2023
No sound when WiiM Pro is part of Alexa multiroom or Chromecast multiroom group and used as BT transmitter to another BT speakerNone1 / 15 / 2023
AirPlay 2 is disconnected from the WiiM Pro when startinng playing on MacOS or iOS 
Go to WiiM Home App, select the Device tab > Tap the device setting gear icon > Network Status > Turn on the IPv6 option in this page.  
No fix is needed
Ethernet DisconnectionThe latest firmware version 4.8.504937 released on 1/19 fixed this. Please power off then on your device to ensure the fixes is applied to your device. No fix is needed