Here's a list of known issues affecting the WiiM Pro's hardware, firmware, and App. Rest assured, we're working tirelessly to resolve them and will roll out fixes as soon as possible. Some issues have temporary workarounds, which we've outlined below. Please utilize these solutions in the meantime. We appreciate your patience and will update this list with new fixes as they become available.



Estimated Fix Date

The red LED Light on the device is blinkingYour device appears to be faulty. For a replacement, please email us at, including your Amazon Order ID and shipping address.None - request a replacement device
No sound is produced when connecting the TV to the optical input.To ensure sound playback, please verify the audio output settings on your TV are configured to 'Stereo PCM.' The optical input on WiiM Pro does not support Dolby or DTS audio formats. Sound won't be played if these formats are selected.Set the audio format that the WiiM Pro can support.