What we're working on

Welcome to the WiiM Roadmap. We’d like to give you visibility into some of the features we are working on. Our official release notes have the full list of released features. If you would like to make a feature or product request, please post it on our WiiM Forum.

Please note: Dates and features listed below may change or be removed at any time without any notification. Consequently, purchases should not be based on what is listed on the roadmap.

Upcoming Features

  • Add the separate EQ settings for the Aux-in, BT, and WiFi sources into Audio Settings and Alarm setting
  • Support My Mix for TIDAL
  • Move the active playback among multiple devices. Good for TIDAL, Qobuz, and Amazon Music.
  • MQA public release
  • Mono channel output option for outdoor speakers
  • Support landscape mode on tablets (Android)
  • Parametric EQ (PEQ)

Features we're thinking about in future updates:

  • Multiroom of hi-res audio
  • Favorites section - User's favorite tracks, playlists, stations, podcasts, and recently played are listed in the favorites section of the app
  • Support SMB for music sharing
  • Support landscape mode on tablets (Android)
  • New music services such as SiriusXM, Nugs.net, KKBox, etc.
  • Play music from personal cloud storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, etc.)
  • Users can select the streaming quality in the "Now Play" app UI
  • Improved NAS and DLNA DMS features
  • Cast to Sonos and other 3rd DLNA devices
  • Crossfade
  • Support native squeezelite client