The following is the list of known issues in the WiiM Mini Firmware and App.

For these known issues, we're working around the clock to fix them and will release a solution ASAP. There are workarounds for some of these issues and we've listed it below. Please use the workaround for the time being. Thanks for your patience. We will update the list below when we've fixed the issue.

Issues as of 1/25/2023 WorkaroundEstimated Fix Date
Amazon Music - only part of Favorites list is displayednoneThis has been reported to Amazon Music team. But they replied favorite lists only displays 100 songs.
OTA is stuck when setup the deviceKill the WiiM Home App and relaunch it. Restart your router. 
MQA is not supported for TIDAL master on the WiiM Home App
Use the TIDAL Connect that supports MQA for TIDAL master content 

AirPlay 2 is disconnected from the WiiM Mini when startinng play on MacOS or iOSGo to WiiM Home App, select the Device tab > Tap the device setting gear icon > Network Status > Turn on the IPv6 option in this page.No fix is needed