The advantage of 5 GHz is that it has a higher transfer speed and it's less vulnerable to wireless interference. 

First, please make sure your Wi-Fi router supports 5 GHz band. Then follow these steps to turn on 5 GHz Only on the WiiM Mini with WiiM App:

  1. Open WiiM Home app.
  2. Go to Device tab -> Tap device setting gear icon -> Wi-Fi status.
  3. Turn on 5 GHz Only.


  1. When turning on "5 GHz Only", your device will disconnect from your Wi-Fi router then reconnect if it previously connected to 2.4 GHz band with the same wireless network name. The reconnection process takes about 2 mins. If the device is already connected to 5 Ghz band, it'll ensure the device will connect to 5 GHz band only when roaming or device rebooting.
  2. If your device doesn't reconnect with your Wi-Fi router successfully, please reset your device to the factory settings and set it up again with the WiiM Home app.